e-Writing: Using the Secrets of the Writing-for-Profit Tutorial

When your writing for profit activity is devoted to e-writing you still benefit from the secrets disclosed in my creative writing course. In point of fact it’s no bad thing to cut your teeth on e-writing before you put your extra income idea to the test to make money writing in the realms of hard copy publishing. And here’s another good reason (if you decide that is where your skills lie) why e-writing makes good sense: demand as evidenced by this table.


a) Computers (4.3 million buyers)
b) Electronics (7.4 million buyers)
c) Software (9.6 million buyers)
d) CD's and Videos (11.2 million buyers)
e) Books and Information (17.5 million buyers)

Information products outstrip all other e-commerce purchasing options and this opens the door to you in your e-writing projects. You can translate writing for profit extra income ideas into e-books that will be snapped up by other Internet users who crave the specialist expertise you possess. What you know is of immense interest to enthusiasts who share a love for your topic and when you take the trouble to research thoroughly before you start on e-writing for profit you invariably create extra income ideas that will make money writing up into easily digestible information products.

Have a look at What’s This? for examples of my own e-produce. But why you might ask am I including these in a site devoted to writing?

Here’s why: I’m test marketing them prior to launching a new web business.

So too should you test market all of your e-produce.


In the ‘Selling Through Online Outlets’ chapter of Writing for Profit I show you where to find an e-publisher who offers a totally free service whereby you can submit up to 6 titles and earn 50% royalty commissions while still retaining all rights to your work. What’s more, they pay on time, every time…

I recommend you try it out as an alternative while you wait for placement with a traditional publisher.

Invest a few dollars in the Writing for Profit creative writing course and enhance your e-writing propensities.

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