Government Grants are Great:
You Don’t Have to Pay Them Back!

There are government grants available everywhere to those who wish to express their abilities through self-initiative: create an extra income idea, work at home and make money writing for example. But you have to search for these grants and that’s not difficult as you will discover in a moment. The world wide public sector is like a money tree if you know how to shake it; it is awash with incentives for those who wish to strike out on their own and contribute to indigenous economic growth: grants in cash and kind; cash to provide seed money and grants to get you up and running as you work at home writing for profit - and the great thing about grants is you don’t have to pay them back.

I once started a business which was 80% funded by government grants. There was no Internet then and I had to find out the hard way. Nowadays it’s much easier and no matter where you live in the world you can search online for grant assistance and determine as you browse whether or not you qualify.

Here’s a tip

Go to, use as your keywords “world wide government web sites” and in 3 seconds on the first page you come to you will discover a web site, a vertical portal listing and allowing access to 3025 government web sites covering 228 countries.

In alphabetical order here is a small sample of what awaits you


Argentine 39
Belgium 41
Canada 54
Denmark 34
European Union 24
France 109
Germany 217
Hong Kong 17
India 82
Japan 29
Korea 22
Luxembourg 15
Mexico 40
Netherlands 45
Oman 5
Portugal 38
Qatar 5
Romania 12
Spain 78
Turkey 20
USA 83
Venezuela 15
Yugoslavia 14
Zambia 5

Here’s another tip:

After you’ve located what’s available in the way of government grant funding in your area, get yourself up to speed on how to make money writing by investing a few dollars in my tutorial…

Government Grants - Get The Facts in My Tutorial!